Thursday, February 09, 2006

First Blog

Thanks for stopping by my corner of the bloggy universe. My corner is actually nestled between the "Redneck" area of blogsphere and the "Star Wars Geeks" section. So I guess if I say the wrong thing I'll get shot at with cousin Earnest's double- barreled coon huntin' shotgun or have my computer screen slashed down the middle with a thrust from a light saber. I have genes from both species though, so I should be relatively safe. Who knows... perhaps one day I can be an interpretor and bring these two cultures closer to living in harmony together.
Check back and I'll see if maybe I can find some interesting stuff to put on here. Since this is my first attempt I'm afraid I'm going to be dreadfully inept at blogging until I get into a routine. Then I'll just be terribly inept.


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