Sunday, February 12, 2006

New Toy

Went to Lowe's last night and talked the wife into letting me buy a Dremel. I've wanted one for a long time but never got around to actually buying one. For anyone who doesn't know what it is, it's a rotary tool with a number of attachments with which you can do all sorts of things...sand, drill, cut, route, polish. It would have come in so handy when I was making Pinewood derby cars for my sons in Cub Scouts. I mention that because my youngest son just finished his and had his race last week. Between all three boys I think we've made 14 cars, and Ryan's was the last one since he's going into Boy Scouts now. That Dremel tool sure would have saved a lot of work with the chisel and router. But I'm sure I'll find hundreds of uses for it. :)

I'm not liking my job very much. There's so much unfairness that it really makes me angry. Also I feel like I'm wasting my time there. As a department manager in a grocery store it didn't take long to accomplish the things I had started out to do and was allowed to do. Allowed to do because certain higher-ups have their interpretation of what I should do and aren't willing to look further than that because it might interrupt their routine.
But I guess what's really eating at me is the knowledge that I could be doing something far more worthwhile. I know everyone has those feelings one time or another. For me it's not to make more money, or to become famous, but to do something that I can take satisfaction in. Something to show my children that you can do what you want if you really try. Thus far I've set a poor example I think.

Ok, sorry for venting but I feel better. Now I can go find something to work on with my new toy!! :)


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