Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

Today has been kind of an up and down one so far. My youngest son stayed home from school sick for the second day...I didn't get much sleep because I wasn't feeling well either...My wife woke up with a headache. On the brighter side; my wife got a call that she'd gotten the new job she interviewed for. I have mixed feelings about that. On one hand she'll be making more money and won't have to work midnights....On the other hand it's a 45 minute drive, compared to a 1 minute trip to the end of the street where's she's working now. But she'll be working in an area more suited for her talents as an excellent R.N. with extensive ACLS(Advanced Cardiac Life Support) experience.

We went to look at a house today. We're going to be moving as soon as we find someplace we both agree on and can afford. The house we looked at was very nice looking - from the outside. A brick house with pillars in front and a balcony above the front porch, and a pool in the backyard. However, the inside was quite different, and quite unliveable. Steam radiator heat throughout, but the boiler was broken. Stains on the ceiling from leaking pipes. Walls totally in need of replacement. The balcony in front was actually coming off the upstairs bathroom. When we stepped out onto it it shuttered and felt as if it would give way at any time. So it was a waste of time, and we decided to stick with our original plan of buying land and building.... unless a really great place comes up for sale.

I should take the wife out to eat for V Day and to celebrate her new job, but right now I feel like I should be in bed with a dose of medicine. I don't get sick often but it always seems to happen at the worst of times. It's hard to go out and be my witty, charming, handsome self when everything feels like it's spinning around and my stomach has an active volcano rumbling inside. (the "witty, charming, handsome" adjectives are my own, but I'm sure there's at least one other person who agrees....somewhere)


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