Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Slow Day

Well I had something written down to post that was thoughtful, awe-inspiring and witty, but when I reread it it was just garbage. So I guess I'll just ramble on about the day's events. ummm....... nothing happened today. I've been waiting for the electrician to call and set up an appointment. Getting some electrical work done as a prelude to having a new furnace and air conditioner put in. I'm sure that as soon as the furnace is in the weather will warm up and I'll have to wait til next year to see how it works. Actually that would be ok with me considering the cost of natural gas right now. But I am excited that I'll have more space in the basement when the old furnace is out of there. It takes up about a third of the basement space right now and looks like a giant robot, what with the 14" ducts coming from it sprouting in all directions and the furnace itself big enough for four people to get inside and throw a party. So I shall rejoice when it's gone and I have more space to clutter up.

I just remembered that I still have to send in my city taxes. Went to H&R Block to get the state and federal done three weeks ago and got the refund back , but I have to pay in to the city so I wait until the last minute to do that. Did I mention that I'm a well-practiced procrastinator?

I'm listening to some of MY music right now. My 70's and 80's songs. This song - Driver's Seat- really brings back memories from my youth. It's as great a song now as it was then. The older songs like that really stir a longing to go back to that time. For me it was a feeling of freedom that excited me. Just out of high school and being able to make my own decisions, my own responsibilities.... that was the best feeling in the world!


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