Thursday, February 01, 2007

Winter's Icy Grip

I've had a cold for a few days now, along with a good portion of the population around here. I was determined not to let that, plus the frigid temperatures, keep me from having some winter fun, so I took Ryan sled riding the last two days. Not having been sledding for a few years I discovered that: A) It's still just as fun, B) My hill has a lot of bumps and C) My body doesn't respond as well as it used to when hitting bumps. I'm not sure how I got a sore arm but it's been hurting all day, and every so often I'll turn a certain way and find another part of my body that was brutalized by my joyous escapade with the thin plastic sled and snow-covered ruts. I'm not complaining though, and if this cold wasn't wearing me down I'd be out there today.

I also took my latest purchase and tried it out prior to going sledding, that being an 8mm Mauser with which I could barely hit the hill that I was firing into, let alone the targets I had set up. I shall work on that. I would have hated to be a German soldier carrying that into battle, because it probably weighs close to twenty pounds, and with the bayonet stands about five feet tall.

I started working on the canvas covering for the tepee I'm making. Sewing is not one of my strong points, so it's taking me quite a while to sew the pieces together. If I could figure out how to use the sewing machine it might go easier, but thus far I haven't mastered the technology to do that without sewing my finger to my eyelid. I might give it another try tonight though.

Well I hope it's warm wherever you are, and if it is please send me an invitation. :)


Blogger Bird on a Wire said...

You're sledding and making a teepee? How fun!

6:21 PM  
Blogger Michelle's Spell said...

Oh Tim,

Detroit is so not warm! But I wish you the best of luck -- sledding does sound fun. I will not be doing much of that, though, for fear of dying of exposure in the subzero weather!

5:10 PM  

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