Friday, April 20, 2007

I Sense a Disturbance in The Force

What a gorgeous day outside. Sunshine, clear skies, warm temperatures... the kind of day I've waited for all winter. So why don't I feel like going out and doing cartwheels and whistling a cheery tune? I don't know. Although I love days like this, there's a part of me that holds back the exhilaration that I should be experiencing, as if bracing for something unpleasant to come by and ruin the day. I feel much more at ease when there's a blizzard or a downpour going on outside. At least I can say to myself "It can't get much worse than this", whereas on a blue sky day like today I tend to half-expect something like an earthquake or a meteor strike to throw the world into a frenzy. BUT... that's just a small part of me that thinks like that, so I'm going out and enjoying the day. Hope you do also!

Ok, just as I'm finishing this my day gets crappy. I know one reason I can't fully enjoy the summer weather and it just rolled past the house. The ice cream man who comes out on these days and drives aound town all day playing that SAME DAMN TUNE ALL THE TIME!!!! I really feel the urge to go out and rip the speaker off his truck, that's how irritating it is! Ok, I'm done now. Sorry about the cursing.


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I feel your pain! The good weather is a little creepy and as for ice-cream trucks, they make me nuts. When I lived in Detroit proper, there was one that played Pop Goes the Weasel all the time. I thought I would lose my mind and still get the chills when I hear the song or see a weasel.

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