Saturday, March 17, 2007

Mega Monster

I got an email the other day with some statistics showing how humongous Wal-Mart has become. It's the biggest company ever, sells more food than any other store, takes in 36 million dollars every hour, and about a dozen other facts that might or might not be true, but probably at least most of it is. These kinds of emails I usually read and delete without much thought, but this one goes along with something that has had me awestruck for the last several months when I first started noticing it. You see, Ohio State Route 250 runs through our town where it joins a couple of other state highways, so there are a lot of semis passing through. The land we bought last year sits 3/4 of a mile off Rt. 250 about four miles outside town. Every time I go out there, every time, I pass at least one Wal-Mart semi, usually three or four. Considering the fact that I spend five minutes on that road and I always see a truck, I wonder how many pass through each day. Each hour. That fact, one that I can readily see with my own eyes, impresses me more than any many-times-forwarded email.

Hope everyone is enjoying their green beer and aren't suffering from being pinched for forgetting to wear green on this St. Patrick's Day!


Blogger Michelle's Spell said...

Hey Tim,

Happy late St. Patrick's day! I know what you mean about Wal-Mart -- they are everywhere and I can't stand them. Won't go inside even. As for drinking green beer, I think this might be the first one where I didn't even have one drink!

11:43 AM  

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