Thursday, May 10, 2007

It's Thursday...Umm... That's About It

Ryan started his rabies vaccinations yesterday. They've changed from years past, when you had to get shots into the stomach lining. Now it's just a shot in the arm, so it went pretty well...didn't have to use a logging chain to hold him down like I thought we might have to do.

Ryan has a concert tonight. It's at the high school, so it's a big deal to him to be playing in the high school auditorium. He plays the baritone, and he's actually very talented, music-wise. He can play about anything he hears on his horn, or on the piano he has, or the guitar he used to have. Music is something he's interested in, and whatever he takes a liking to he dives into and learns everything he can. I wish he'd get interested in his school subjects that much, but oh well.

I finally got my deck done the other day, so the next project around the house will be redoing the bathroom, which I'm not looking forward to as it will involve a lot of plumbing work... something I'm not good at. But... since I'm a procrastinator by nature, maybe by the time I get around to starting it I will have sent my son through plumbing college and he can do it for me.


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So glad to hear the shots aren't as awful as in the past. I remember a few kids getting the stomach kind -- evil! The concert sounds fun!

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