Saturday, September 08, 2007


Well, any news in our family this year has had to do with my middle son, Nathan. Earlier this year he earned his Eagle merit badge in Boy scouts, which was a good thing. Then he graduated in June, also a positive. Then we went through a hassle trying to get his college finances straightened around, and getting him enrolled. Umm... a little before that he got a new car. Then, about a month ago he announced that he and his girlfriend were engaged, not exactly a shock to me but my wife was surprised. About two weeks ago he got in a fender-bender in his new car*. To top off everything he gave us the news last week that his girlfriend is'm going to be a grandpa.... I'm not sure how to feel about that one right now.

So needless to say, Nathan's provided us with our share of ups and downs recently. It's something that goes along with raising a child I guess.

*I have to expound on his accident because it's gotten me furious. He was at a stop sign behind a car driven by an old lady. She started to pull out to make a right turn. Nathan coasted ahead and turned his head to look for oncoming traffic. In the meantime the lady stopped instead of pulling out, and Nathan's car bumped into hers. I said above that it was a fender-bender, but no fenders were bent, nothing was scratched, no damage at all. His car is brand new, a 2007 shiny red Cobalt, and his bumper had no scratch at all. Her car was an older, much larger Marquis. The impact was so slight that he said he hardly felt it... no air bags deployed on either car, so you get the picture of how light the contact was. Anyway, the lady jumped out of her car and started screaming at Nathan. The police came and made out a report, but since there was no damage Nathan wasn't cited. Because the cop couldn't find any damage on her car, the old lady got furious with him and started yelling at him too. At any rate, the police took the insurance info and the incident was forgotten...well, not forgotten but put out of mind....until last Friday when Nate got a letter from the lady's insurance company saying that they were filing damage claims. We contacted our insurance company (Nathan's on my insurance policy) to see what was going on and they said that the lady had gone to the hospital a few hours after the accident claiming that she hurt her neck and back. When Nathan explained that she had jumped out and started yelling at him and seemed perfectly fine then the insurance lady said that yes, she was probably faking and nothing was wrong, but the insurance company usually just pays anyway because it costs more to go to court to try to prove her wrong. That means that his insurance costs will go way up. This angers me to no end that the old lady is going to get away with insurance fraud, at our cost, since I usually wind up paying Nathan's premium for him. However, the old lady doesn't realize that she's incurred my wrath, and since she's from around here, and since settlements of that kind are on public record I'm going make sure to let everyone know who this fraudster is................. don't mess with us quiet people.


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Hey Tim,

That IS infuriating! I'm so sorry about the accident. As for the pregnancy, I'm sure it will be a wild ride! Lots of fun when the new little one comes on the scene. I hear it's way better to be grandparents than parents sometimes so I'm guessing that's good! What a few months, huh? Seems like that's always the way. Hope you're having a really good Sunday!

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