Wednesday, August 08, 2007

There were giants in the earth in those days.—Genesis, VI, 4

I've been researching some interesting articles on the internet about the possible existence of humans walking the earth long before the scientifically accepted time line for mankind's arrival. Lot and lots of supposed evidence and theories that challenge the biblical time references, some placing man's existence as far back as 1.9 billion years. Metal pots and other man made objects supposedly found inside chunks of coal or solid rock dating millions to billions of years old, humans remains found inside rock deposits... the evidence mostly discarded by the "learned" populace as hoaxes or just plain dismissed without discussion. Personally I find it exciting to think that there is so much more to the world and its past than most people are willing to believe. We've been conditioned throughout our lives to live within the confines of certain beliefs, whether those are dictated to us through our religion or by the scientific minds of the day. Neither medium is willing to look outside the cozy world they built and see the possibility that things may be totally different than either of them want to believe.

The last couple of days I've been reading about the bones of giants which have been found all over the world, including several places right here in Ohio. Although they differ from find to find there was one oddity that struck me. A great number of the jawbones, taken from all parts of the world, contained double rows of teeth. The bible makes several references to giants throughout its pages, and there are numerous legends from many cultures of large people living long ago, so the possibility that there was once a civilization of these people who flourished just before our written history is something that I would certainly say is worth investigating. The finding of these remains coupled with the many reports of Bigfoot- like creatures in this day and age makes the subject hard to ignore, and fascinates people like me.

The more I dig into these offbeat subjects the more they branch off to reveal connecting stories, folklore, and underground scientific ideologies which sometimes make more sense than I want them too. I just keep an open mind and try to sort through all the data available to form my own opinions on what I find. It's just an interesting hobby after all, right?


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Hey Tim,

I have never read anything about that, but it sounds really cool. Interesting to think about, that's for sure!

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