Monday, December 08, 2008

My Kind Of Peace

Yesterday we went to the cabin after church and just hung out there all day. The place is still just a shell, but I put a toilet in - because my wife has a thing about not being able to go behind a bush to do her thing- and have been putting up insulation to keep the place warm. We have a few chairs and an air mattress with bedding on it. Two kerosene heaters keep it pretty cozy and my wife snoozed most of the afternoon away while I did some stuff outside and Ryan went sled riding. It was a nice day but the best was about an hour after it got dark. We were sitting inside when we heard coyotes not far away - within a hundred yards I'd say. We opened the door to listen and with the clear, icy, star-lit sky and bright moon and the coyotes howling it reminded me of a scene from a western show where the cowboy is bedding down under the stars with his trusty horse nearby and coyotes baying at the moon... I'm really glad we bought those seven little acres in the country.


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