Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Dare You To Go

Across the road from our land is an abandoned house which sits partly buried by trees and is difficult to see from the road even though it's only a few yards from it. It's quite a unique and large house and, although I've heard no rumors about it, definitely spooky at night. Last night we had a wiener roast, and under a bright moon which cast shadows everywhere it was the perfect opportunity for a scary venture across the road to the old house. I guess it was too perfect a night for that sort of thing because I couldn't talk my wife or son into sneaking over there to test their bravery, so I grabbed a walking stick and a light and headed over there. I was actually hoping to see something terrifying but the only thing that gave me a start was when the neighbor's dog ran by me out of nowhere as I got close to the house. I looked around in there and was more afraid of coming face to face with a skunk than a headless spirit. It was a slightly disappointing experience, but fun.

I was trying to think back to my youth and stories of haunted houses around my old home, but there weren't many. There was a house up on the hill a ways that we called the haunted house, but it was just an empty house. It was a long trek to get there through woods and weeds, and as a kid it was worth it to say that you'd been to the haunted house. The only place I heard for sure that was haunted was a house on out the ridge, which had a ghost named Mary, who would sit and rock in the owners rocking chair, and on occasion spoke to them, revealing her name to be Mary at one point.

This time of year is fun in the spooky kind of way that it's supposed to be and I always enjoy hearing tales of scary places and strange happenings. I'm going to search in my area for haunted houses, so if you don't hear from me again...... I just might have found what I was looking for.


Blogger Michelle's Spell said...

Hey Tim,

Good luck with the haunted houses! I loved creating mini haunted rooms as a child. Halloween is just so much fun!

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