Thursday, August 26, 2010

More School News

This has been an up and down week so far. I took my COMPASS test(entrance exam) Monday, and that went well. They set up an appointment for me then to come in today to schedule classes. So guess what. Yesterday my car, which hasn't had any major problems in the ten years I've had it, decided to break down. Of course my wife had to work today, so I wouldn't be able to take hers. So, I had to work on it this morning and got it so I could at least drive it, even though it acts like the transmission is going to drop out of it at any minute. I made it to my appointment and met the guy who scheduled my classes, and is also teaching my business class. He was really an upbeat, friendly guy and I felt at ease as soon as I walked in. The first thing he did was pull the result of my COMPASS test then turn to me and let out an excited war hoop. Apparently a lot of the newcomers fail part of their test, which means they have to take remedial classes first, and those don't count toward their degree. He said it made it so much easier to schedule since I'd passed them all. Truth be told, I'd guessed on most of the math questions on that test and was surprised I'd passed that part of it. Anyway, he was really cool and I'm looking forward to his class, and to school in general. I never thought I'd see the day I looked forward to going to school. I'm excited.
Sorry I've been so repetitive in my last few writings, with all the school talk and so on. This is a big change for me and mostly I'm writing about it so I can look back and remember my feelings at this time. I know anyone reading this could care less, so this is for me. I'll get back to posting more of my usual mindless gibberish soon enough.


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