Friday, February 24, 2006

Great Writers

I've been reading blogs at random and have come to two realizations. First, there are some amazing writers utilizing this type of forum. From everyday housewives talking about their families and responsibilities to business execs who chronicle the day to day life of the corporate world, I get to peek into their lives much like a homeless person peering into the window of a Norman Rockwell-like family gathering at Christmas. Their mastery of the written word keeps me almost spellbound at times. Secondly, I've discovered how limited my own abilities are. When I was younger I had a secret dream to become a writer, perhaps emulating one of my childhood favorites Robert A. Heinlein, the science fiction master. I had done well in school, being very articulate and creative, but the years after school were spent nowhere near a pen and paper with a mindful of ideas ready to put in print. So, years after my school days, the computer becomes a household necessity and with it, the chance to put my thoughts online for all to see. It isn't so bad really, knowing that I am such an amateur. I mean, I can still get on here and complain about my redneck neighbors and my bratty kids and nobody knows who I am, so it doesn't matter that I can't conjugate verbs as well as others or use words that are only found in the "Master Writers" version of the thesaurus. I guess this is as good as it gets for me, and that's ok.


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