Thursday, December 28, 2006

House of a Thousand Tools

I've been planning, and I officially started yesterday, a new project out at the land. I want to make an Indian village, or at least a couple of tepees of good size. Somehow I got to reading about tepees and how surprisingly comfortable they can be. I'm talking about the kind that the Native Americans used to make to live in, not the kind you might throw together for your kid in the back yard that only a kid can squeeze into. One of the hardest parts to making one is finding the poles to use. I cut a few small trees down and I'm going out today to see if I can find some more the right size, but right now I'm looking for the tape measure I just bought last week. I can't find it anywhere.

One thing about having three boys is that tools keep disappearing all the time. I probably have a small fortune in tools hiding in places I wouldn't think to look. I own at least a couple dozen screwdrivers, but anytime I need a flathead all I can find are nine different sizes of Phillips, and of course the other way around when I'm looking for a Phillips head. Almost every time I go to the hardware store I buy duct tape, the redneck fix-all. The next day it's nowhere to be found. When these things eventually turn up it's in places you might not normally keep your tools, like under a mattress or in the piano stool or in a sock drawer. Every time I mow the yard I have to walk it first because I've run over so many tools laying out there. Hmm... printer not working? Maybe if you take out the carpet knife that's jammed in it it'll run better. There's that duct tape. It went through the washer and dryer so now it's not exactly on a roll anymore and it half-melted to one of my work shirts. My box of drill bits are, where else, in my son's refrigerator.

Oh well... hope your Thursday is going well!


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