Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Well.. You Know

I haven't posted in a while because there's not a lot that's new going on, and I just haven't had the time to sit down for long enough to write anything.
Graduation is getting close, so there's everything to get ready for that; mainly sending out invitations and setting up for the party. My niece is graduating this year too so we're having the party for her and Nathan together, but there's still a lot of time and expense involved.
My oldest son is twenty-one today. A full fledged adult! Does that make me feel old? Yes! He's planning on going to King's Island, which is an amusement park in Cincinnati, this weekend. With gas prices approaching the cost of gold I think he's going to be spending more filling his tank than he thinks, which means I might be getting a call to send him some money because he's broke.
My wife bought me a new garden tractor the other day. We had looked at them at Lowe's and Sears and decided that we couldn't afford any right now because we have to have work done at the land, plus have a well drilled. Well, on my day off last week she told me to go with her to her friend's house because her friend was getting a new refrigerator and wanted me to hook it up for her. When we got there a truck was delivering a tractor which turned out to be for me. Her surprise pretty much backfired because it really irked me that she would spend that much money after we decided not to. The one she got was $1000 more than the ones we looked at, so that didn't help my temperament any at all. Eventually I accepted the fact that we were now three thousand dollars further in debt and took the tractor out and used it. The thing is, though, that we have to keep it at her friend's house until I either build a place to keep it in or until we get a trailer to haul it back and forth.
Her friend lives just down the road from our land, and to get it there I had to drive it for about a hundred yards on the highway - which is of course illegal- but I thought there would be no problem in that short a distance. Taking it out there was ok, but on the way back I pulled out on the highway with no cars in sight and my wife behind me with flashers on. The top speed of the tractor is about 5 mph, and soon there was a semi (a Wal-Mart one!) behind screeching his brakes. I pulled over to let him pass, then there was about a mile-long train of Hell's Angels -looking bikers right behind him that had to slow down and go around me. Every one of them gave me the evil eye for making them slow down as they went past. I finally got it across the road though. I think it's time to invest in a trailer.


Blogger Michelle's Spell said...

Hey Tim,

I love the tractor story! I can see you on the road with all those Hell's Angels. Terrible at the time, funny after the fact, I imagine! I'm glad they had to slow down -- motorcycles go too fast if you ask me.

9:06 AM  

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