Monday, May 28, 2007

Whispers at a Funeral

"I heard it was a hunting accident"
"That's what they say but I think someone else was involved"

"His poor wife"

"He went out in the woods and shot himself. That's what I think."
"I always thought there was something just not right with him"

"I heard someone say he committed suicide. I'll bet he was having troubles at home"
"Probably at work too. He was under a lot of stress."

"He looks a lot older than I remember him."

"I feel so sorry for his kids. That's something that will affect them the rest of their lives, their father killing himself."
"What? I heard he was loading his gun and it went off."
"Not what I heard."

"Do you think his wife will remarry?"
"I think she's already got someone else picked out."

"He looks so young to be lying there like that."

"I never saw him wear his hair like that. He always had it parted on the side."

"I heard his wife was seeing someone else and he couldn't take it."
"Really? I heard that they were looking for someone they think might have been there, and maybe even pulled the trigger."

"He'd be pissed if he saw himself in that suit. He hated suits."

"Were you a friend of his?"
"No, I didn't know him. He's related to my wife somehow."

"Looks like a lot of people here. I hate waiting in long lines like this."
"Most of them are a bunch of gawkers. Just want to see a dead body."
"Yeah, buncha sickos."

"I don't know why we have to come out here to smoke. Why can't they let you smoke in the other room? Getting soaked as hell out here in this rain."

"Hey, see you later. I promised my kid I'd take him to McDonalds so I'm gonna split."

Well the Cavs finally caught a break and beat those pesky Pistons. Hope their luck continues Tuesday! Also the Indians beat the Tigers, so it was a double trouncing of Detroit on Sunday!


Blogger Michelle's Spell said...


My friend, my friend -- how can you hate the Pistons?! I admire King James (he's very very cool and a brilliant player -- how can he be only 22?!), but I know my guys are going to pull it out. Love the post with the great and sad dialogue.

2:09 PM  
Blogger Michelle's Spell said...

Okay Tim,

We're on against your Cavaliers tonight! I was so so sad on Tuesday, but hey, it might be a different story at the Palace. :)

10:03 AM  

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