Tuesday, June 05, 2007

From Blues Clues to Love's Blues

My middle son graduated Sunday, ending 13 years of school days for him. Such a long time when you're that age, but as a parent the time flies by quickly. My wife was putting together pictures of him from when he was a baby to now. He has changed so much, growing up way too fast for my liking. As with my older son, I am filled with regret that I didn't get to do more with him. I guess as a parent you always want to do more and spend more time, hoping to create some fantastic memories to remind them how great it was to have fun with the parents when they were young. Often, in the course of everyday life, we don't think about those things when we're trying to get them to do homework, clean their room, and wash behind their ears. Hopefully he won't drift too far from his home and we'll still have time to do some things that we can all look back on. I've discovered that that can happen, because my oldest son and I are probably closer now than when he was in school.

Graduation day didn't go exactly as we would have hoped. After the ceremony we made our way outside and stood, waiting for him to come out so we could take pictures. When all but a handful of people were left and he still hadn't come out we concluded that he had already gone, so we came home to find that he'd already gotten out of his dress clothes and was ready to take off with his girlfriend. My wife was majorly PO'd and hurt that she didn't get any pictures of him in his cap& gown, except when he was getting his diploma. So instead of eating out to celebrate we stayed at home and watched tv while he left with his gf. It wasn't a big deal to me, but my wife was a bear the rest of the day. Oh well. We're having his party this Sunday, so hopefully he'll grace us with his presence that day. I guess he's being a typical 18 year old.


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Ah the joys of teenagers! Congrats on the graduation -- raising a child now is no easy work! And congrats on your Cavs -- I'll be rooting for them against the evil, evil Spurs!

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Hey Tim,

Go Cavs! All hail King James! I'm rooting for your guys against the Spurs all the way! Thanks so much for your sweet comments -- those keep me going above all others. :)

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