Sunday, June 10, 2007

Grad Party

We had the graduation party for Nathan and my sister's daughter yesterday. It worked out nice having them together, a very good turnout. As usual I ate way too much and now resemble one of those people who needs to have to side of their house torn off so the paramedics can get a crane in to hoist them out when they decide it's finally time to go to the gym. Well maybe not quite that bad, but I will need to do some serious dieting......after the leftovers are gone.

I went back to work today and it didn't take long to miss being on vacation. I really need a new job, but such is the lot of the unskilled nobodies of the world, we have to take what we can get. I was thinking about getting a job as a roller skating waitress at the drive-in. A waiter actually, but I still have to wear a skirt. Either that or a manure bagger at the feed store. I think I might be able to work it out to where I can do the manure bagging job and go straight to the drive-in from there. Yeah... now that I think about it I'm pumped. That's what I'll do. Ah, such career planning boggles my mind sometimes.


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This post made me laugh! I so understand the pain of work. I often fantasize that I'm going to return to my old career as a lifeguard even though it didn't pay much and I'd have the horror of wearing a swimsuit again. I'm not cut out for much. The graduation party sounds like lots of fun -- food is always good. And dieting is always bad!

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