Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Transylvania Twist

I was flipping the tv channels back and forth the other night, watching Monk and catching part of the series Moonlight, which - from what I saw of it - has the potential to be an interesting show. Unfortunately I dozed off and didn't finish either show so I couldn't tell you how either ended. The girl on Moonlight who plays the human love interest also played in Underworld, as a vampire. I've always been drawn to vampire movies and shows for some reason, going way back to Dark Shadows, the soap opera, even though I didn't remember anything about the show except for the opening theme music which scared me just hearing it. Dark Shadows was on a channel which we didn't get except for those freak times when the wind blew just the right way, so it wasn't one of my mother's regular soaps, hence I only saw bits and pieces of it. A few years ago the Sci-Fi Channel brought it back and I got to see it through grown-up eyes and discovered how totally boring it was and void of much vampiric action. Anyway, Moonlight seems to be a copy of another show which I watched, Forever Knight, an intriguing show which catered more to the female audience I think, but with enough police/vampire happenings to keep me watching.

There have been as many variations to vampire shows as there have been writers of vampire tales, some completely ridiculous and others very entertaining. I think some people actually believe that vampires exist, even prompting the Discovery Channel to do segments on them. I always knew they were fictional, even as a kid when I believed in everything, but I still find a good vampire movie enjoyable and I'll try to catch this new Moonlight show next time its on and see if it's something I want to start watching every week.


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Hey Tim,

I'll definitely check it out! Love vampire shows for their campy wonderfulness. Dark Shadows was a favorite as a child -- I fear that like you said, it wouldn't hold up now.

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