Saturday, December 20, 2008

It Must Be the Season

I went shopping today and got all my Christmas gifts in one shot. Incredible for a procrastinator like myself, who's usually running to any open drug store or gas station on Christmas Eve looking for presents for 12 people with 15 minutes to go before the store closes. Despite my fear of having a panic attack when standing in the middle of the mall or Wal-Mart with no exit in sight, I had a great day shopping. And no, no panic at all today. Maybe it's because I went in the morning, but there weren't the huge crowds and long lines I was expecting. Sure, I did get in lines where the people ahead of me had to have everything totaled before ringing up the next thing to be sure they had enough money, and then the cashier would explain to them about a number on their receipt they could call and take a survey and maybe win a picture of a big screen tv and then the kids chipped in to talk to the cashier about seeing a big screen tv once at a friend's house who wasn't their friend anymore because their mom and dad got divorced and they moved to another town- all the while my arms becoming weaker and weaker from holding the things I got because I was too stupid to get a shopping cart because I was just going to get a couple of things and the couple of things turned into thirteen items of various sizes and weights. BUT... I can say I got my shopping done. Now for the wrapping.....


Blogger Michelle's Spell said...

Hey Tim,

Merry Christmas Eve! I did almost no Christmas shopping before I almost died this December, but at least I have a good excuse now. :) Thanks for the well wishes during recovery -- the worst month of my life is ending and I'm glad 2008 is almost out the door!

12:58 PM  

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