Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day One

Monday was my first day of school in over thirty years, and I was probably more nervous than I was back then. This time around I wouldn't be going with people I knew, or even people my own age. I'd be going with their kids. I was very tempted to forget about this whole idea of getting an education and go back to the life I've known for the last thirty years. But I pushed myself, and in my mind I kept saying "I can just leave if I really don't think I'll make it". I didn't have that choice when I was in high school, and that's why I never did as well as I should have, because I felt that control of my life was in someone else's hands. Going back now is something I want to do, so it's different. Anyway, the first day went very well, nerves calmed down once I got into the classroom, and it turned out great. I can see there's going to be a lot of homework, more so than I anticipated, and I'll have to find a way to become more organized if I want to keep up with everything. Organization has never been one of my strong points, but that is going to have to change if I want to get my money's worth from this venture.
New classes today, hoping they go as well as yesterday.


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