Saturday, March 04, 2006

We Don't Need No Stinking Expiration Date

I just happened to be in need of a laxative to, er, help speed things along so I dug through the medicine cabinet and found said chocolatey "delight". After taking the recommended dosage I happened to take a gander at the tiny print on the end of it and noted that it had expired in Sept. of 2003.. hmm... well, it did lack a little flavor I guess. Not an hour later I made myself a cup of coffee and noticed we had no milk - which I usually use - so I got in the cupboard and got out some Coffeemate, which is good in a pinch. Just for fun, and remembering my earlier discovery of the antique medicine I checked the date on it. May 23, 2003. hmm.. well it tasted fine to me anyway. But I'm wondering if maybe it's time to clean out the cupboards.


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