Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Look What I Found

Today was only the second time I've walked up the hill and down to the other side of the land we bought this summer. The first time I only went to the one end of the property, which ended in woods as far as I could see. Today I walked down to the other end and the property line ended at a fenceline with this spectacular view lying beyond. I wish I could have gotten the whole vista into the shot because this pic doesn't really capture all I could see.

In other news, the police managed to catch the vandals that busted the mirror on my car, and on fifty other cars in this town and thirty more in the adjoining town. Four, possibly five teenagers on a night of fun that started with throwing corn and ended with a mirror smashing run. I don't know if they'll have to make restitution, but it's got to add up to a lot of money. Only the glass in my mirror was broken but there were a lot of people with a lot worse damage.


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