Tuesday, October 17, 2006


How many times have I come on here and written about my neighbors? A lot. The scene I just witnessed prompts me to do so again, mainly because there's nothing else happening to write about. I came home an hour ago, having to park in back of the house because there was no place on the street to park, and something was going on next door. A lot of people were standing outside (obviously the owners of the cars) arguing and yelling loudly with the neighbors over... who knows what. Drugs would be my first eight choices. Two black men were threatening the occupants of the house, telling them they were going to come back and "kill all you mother f*****s". There aren't that many black people in this area, and I know most of them, so when two unfamiliar black men show up at the house next door(which is where a drug bust took place three weeks ago) yelling that they're going to kill people I just assume that it's got to do with drugs.
Last Sunday night I was kept awake by a banging noise from outside in front of that house until about 2 A.M. The next morning I saw the realtor's For Sale sign laying in pieces on the sidewalk, evidently being the target of a few bricks on that particular early morning. They always knock the sign down shortly after the realtor comes and puts it back up. They obviously don't want someone to come along and buy the house and throw them out. I wish I had the money to buy it. I'd tear it down and maybe have some peace for a change.


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