Monday, October 09, 2006

Plus Four More!!

Do you ever watch those commercials on tv for a singer, or group, that is past his prime and has put all his hits on a three disc set so you don't have to buy nine different cds to get all his big hits? Me either. But I used to when an ad for someone I liked came on. Anymore, instead of the thirty second commercial pushing the stuff, they opt for a five hour long infomercial at two in the morning, so there aren't as many as there used to be. At least not that I've seen lately. Did you ever notice, though, that they will have takes of the singer singing different songs while a list of thirty seven songs scrolls up the screen. And at the end it always says something like "Plus four more!"..... Huh? They just put this big long list on (half of them songs that someone else made popular) and they couldn't add the other four to it? It makes me wonder what the other ones were that they didn't see fit to show but added to the cd for your listening enjoyment. Not having researched this to any degree I can only imagine the quality of those songs.
1) Singer had a scrumptious dinner of Habernero Chili the night before the recording session and his bodily emissions were set to music.
2) Singer's ex shows up at studio and gets into bitch-fight with current wife. Sounds so much like one of his songs they give it a name and stick it on a cd.
3) Singer sings the national anthem, replacing the words he forgets with something that kinda rhymes.
4) Three minutes and sixteen seconds of dead silence titled "Thinking of You".

I know... another day of Tim's true thought patterns emerge onto the computer screen for all to see that he is not quite "all there".


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