Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wandering Mind

Most of the time that my body spends working my mind spends elsewhere, a lot of the time it has conversations with itself while a song plays in the background. There is always a song playing in my mind. Not necessarily one that I even like, which is something that bothers me... A song stuck in my head that I don't like. Anyway, today Subconscious Tim - or S.T.was having his usual conversation with Mute Tim ( there has to be someone for my mind to talk to or else people would think I was crazy) while a Bee Gee's song was playing. The subject of today's mind chat was music and movies. It went something like this:
S.T. "You know, Siskel and Ebert once went over their 'Guilty Pleasures', movies that either weren't hits or were ones that showcased a lot of T&A. What's my 'Guilty Pleasure' movie?"
M.T. silence
S.T. "I think one of them has to be Ice Castles. It's a chick movie and not one I'd go out and rent, but it always gets to me, especially the theme song. Lynne Holly Johnson was such a babe in that show and Robbie Benson played a tough guy hockey player, in contrast to most of his earlier movies that were pretty sappy and always seemed to have him paired with Glynnis O'Connor."
M.T. silence
S.T. "Remember Melissa Manchester's hair when she sang that song? It was really big and gorgeous. Hey, what was that movie that David Bowie was in... oh yeah, The Man Who Fell To Earth. What a disappointing thing that was. Supposed to be science fiction but more of a cure- for- insomnia movie. And then there was that other movie he was in, Goodbye Mr. Lawrence.
M.T. "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence".
S.T. "Huh? Oh yeah, that's it. Now that wasn't a bad movie at all. Not like that turd of a movie he made before. I think I saw that Mr. Lawrence one when I was in the Air Force, stationed in Turkey."
M.T. " It was on The Movie Channel at the first apartment."
S.T. "Are you sure? I could have sworn I saw it over there".
M.T. "You were never in Turkey".
S.T. "Oh right, maybe it was at the apartment. Hey, listen! They changed the background music. Money For Nothing, that's a good song. I like the weird Al one almost as much as the original. You know, the song he did in his movie, UHF? That was a real underrated movie. Too bad more people never saw it."
M.T. "What do you mean 'more people never saw it'. That doesn't make sense."
S.T. "You know what I mean. Not a lot of people saw it and they should have."

Well, that was about a three minute stretch of my daily brain doodling. That goes on all day at work, covering a plethora of subjects from global economic troubles to the size of the hooters on that girl walking past. In fact, I solve most of the world's problems on a daily basis... in my mind.


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