Friday, September 29, 2006

Tim Cleans House

A typical housecleaning day for me:
1) Make mental note to make paper note to write down everything to be cleaned/fixed/finished
2) Check email first.
3) See if anyone is on Yahoo.
4) Make mental note to print out job list while on computer.
5) Catch up on blog reading.
6) Check fridge for a snack and notice a few more things needing done while in kitchen.
7) Make sure the Sci-Fi Channel isn't having a marathon of The Incredible Hulk, or something equally enthralling.
8) A Wonder Woman Marathon! Wow! Watch four hours worth.
9) Google Linda Carter images and find out she still looks great.
10) Get busy folding laundry and notice the mailman just went. Read mail.
11) Check on computer to see what the balance is in checking account because Sears has a good sale on jigsaws.
12) Go to Lowe's web site to see if their jigsaws are cheaper than Sears.
13) Hear school bus go by. Kids will be home soon, gotta get busy.
14) Play a quick game of Freecell.
15) Trying for sixth win in a row at Freecell.
16) First kid arrives from school. Lecture him about getting his homework done right away and not putting it off until later.
17) Simpsons and King of the Hill are on.
18) Wife will be home soon, start supper.
19) Print out jobs list.
20) Wife comes home. Meet her at the door before she makes it inside and usher her out for a nice sit down dinner at her favorite restaurant.... well maybe Pizza Hut.
21) Come home from eating out and wife is so tired she goes straight to bed without looking at all the cleaning I've done today.


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