Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Sometimes when I have the time I search the internet for the.... unusual. To be more specific, articles on things that baffle people and have no explanation. For example, I read of coal miners who broke open a large chunk of coal and found a copper pot inside, dated to millions of years before man supposedly walked the earth. Several models of airplanes have been found in places they didn't belong, like an Egyptian tomb, or in Central America, dating to over a thousand years old. Ancient texts from India describe vehicles that fly, and even described anti-gravity machines that, by description, would resemble flying saucers.
Many myths and legends exist that have been passed down for hundreds or thousands of years, and even though most people dismiss them as nothing more than stories, I'm not totally against the possibility that things like ancient, advanced civilizations once existed long before us. When people start talking about the evolution of the human race there are huge time gaps which are unaccounted for. Who's to say that advanced peoples could not have prospered within those periods? If you look at our world today, we came from stones and clubs to modern technology in about five thousand years. What could ancient man have done in a span of fifty thousand years? Several different peoples could have advanced and been prominent, even to the extent of creating a more advanced society than we have now. Then why is there no proof? Why didn't they survive to the present day? Probably simple. The same problems would have plagued them that plague us today. War, depletion of natural resources, apathy and complacency. Or a global catastrophe. We all have heard of the Great Flood which destroyed the Earth, but the Mayans (or maybe it was the Inca) tell of nine different events that devastated the planet. So there are many reasons that no proof exists of ancient people. I just think it's an exciting possibility that somewhere, someday, something will come to light of these mysteries. I just hope I'm still around when it happens.


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