Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Non-Stick Frying Pan....and Other Myths

In this household a lot of the products you see advertised do not live up to their claim. Our house consists of four males and one female, all who could be the consumer test researchers that the companies don't want to see test their products. Ten year mattresses? Ha! Three years and it looks like a flat bean bag that's permanently disfigured. Scotchguarded, wear-ever carpet? After the first year we realized we should have gone with a darker color... more of a muddy shoeprint design. Lifetime muffler? Is it covered if it has a construction barrel jammed sideways against it? Probably not. Sparkly clean dishes from Super Dooper Dish detergent? Hard to tell, since each person seems to get about 12 drinks a day and uses a different glass each time, therefore it's difficult to see the glasses shine in that nanosecond of cleanliness. And of course, the non-stick frying pan which, when first purchased, is something to gather around and marvel at as fried foods slide effortlessly over the side and into the fire when you try to turn them. But then after a little while you make scrambled eggs and you need to use a metal spatula and three pound sledgehammer to dislodge them from the bottom of the pan, and you have little tasty bits of Teflon stuff all over them that you tell the kids is pepper.
So if you come for a visit be sure to try out our new furniture with the 15 year warranty. Just be careful where you sit.


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