Saturday, November 18, 2006

Nature Connection

First of all...BUCKEYES!!!!!!!!!
In case you were off the planet for the day Ohio State beat Michigan in a great football game, the hardest win all season, and with good reason, Michigan has a super team. Way to go O.S.U. !

Earlier in the day I went out to the land and walked to the top of the hill. I stood there for a while and spooked a deer out of hiding. It went over the fence and on across the hill. I walked around for a little bit, checking things out because I'd only been to the other side of the hill a couple of times. I had to keep reminding myself that this was my land I was standing on, because I kept feeling like I was trespassing. Probably because I never go to that side. Anyway, I sat down on a large rock and was just enjoying the woods when I saw movement to my right. A small doe came through the brush and wandered toward me, looking at me from time to time. She laid down about 20 feet from me, just glancing over my way now and then. Not far behind her came a large buck, a six pointer, in no hurry, just rooting through the leaves for something to eat. They both eventually strolled on down the hill. It was really neat that I could sit there and exchange looks with them, with me full view, and not have them bolt off. Maybe they sensed I was no threat to them... or maybe they liked my cologne.... either way it made my day.


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