Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Rifleman

My oldest son opted to go to a career center his last two years of high school and took Law Enforcement with the hope of going on to the police academy one day, then joining the police force. They did a lot of target practicing his second year and he always scored highest in his class. He hasn't gone on to the academy yet, but his love of shooting has grown. Last year when he went to New Orleans to clean up after Katrina he earned a good bit of money and spent most of it building up a small arsenal. He's always asking me about a certain rifle or type of ammo and I found out that I don't know as much about firearms as I thought I did. Luckily, the internet provides almost all the answers to questions like; "Is $700 a good price for an M-1 Garand?" or "Where can I find a stock for my .30-06 Springfield?", and "Why aren't these 8mm tracer rounds as accurate as regular shells?". Thank you Google, for making me look like a genius.


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