Wednesday, August 13, 2008

An Eventful Day

My day ended looking at this fire from my back porch. A garage a couple of houses across the alley went up in flames and I could feel the heat from it where I was standing. The fire dept. is still out there working on it.

My day started with the delivery of this excavator which I rented for a day to do some work on my property. Of course the boys had to try it out too. It was a fun toy.


Blogger Michelle's Spell said...

Hey Tim,

That is a great picture of the fire! Hope all is okay and not too much damage, but it looks pretty fierce. And your new toy looks fantastic! Lots of fun -- I've posed on those before when I get a chance for the blog. Never driven one though -- not such a good driver of cars so I guess I'd better not test my luck. :)

9:25 AM  

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