Wednesday, October 01, 2008

We Need a Voice of Reason

Gloom and doom. That's what we all have been hearing for a long time now, and it's certainly gotten worse the last few days with the stock market crashing and banks going under and the entire structure of the U.S. economy in danger of collapsing. Neither of the candidates for president has a clue how to fix things, so I can't see an end to the current crisis any time soon. We are bombarded by the media with "worst case scenarios" which would have us all jumping off tall buildings in despair or turning into one giant unkempt mob, looting and pillaging to attain our daily needs. This is the time where the religious sects step up and pronounce that the End Time is here, and it truly may be.
I, for one, am trying not to get very worked up over the state of the economy or the ominous warnings of a certain few. Life goes on, whether you live in a mansion, or whether you've had your mansion taken away and live in a box behind the pizza shop. Or, maybe life won't go on and it really is the Apocalypse. There's no sense worrying about it, if that's what will be then there's no escaping it.
I was watching a program the other day on the biggest things in the universe. Galaxies and other groups of galaxies that are hundreds of millions of light years across in size. Things that are so large they are beyond our comprehension. Black holes that could suck our Milky Way into nothingness. Pretty scary stuff if you think about it, and here we are, not even a speck in the cosmic vastness, worrying about what will happen to our retirement funds. Sure, we should be concerned, but I think we also need to keep things in their proper perspective.


Blogger Michelle's Spell said...

Hey Tim,

Couldn't agree more! It's really so strange when you watch the news channels so I have stopped. We'll all be in the next world soon enough so it's best just to have a good time now and try and be kind. Hope you're having a good week!

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