Thursday, January 01, 2009

You Should See What It Looks Like From Out Here

Happy New Year!

Even though it's still new year's day it feels like the holiday season is over, and Christmas seems like it was here a lot longer than a week ago. All the weeks or months of preparation, all the hours of baking candy and cookies, the flood of Christmas songs and shows... all gone in a day. Maybe some people keep the Christmas spirit a little longer, but for me things get back to normal pretty quickly, and New Years is just another day to me. Although - so I don't sound like too much of a grinch- I will miss some of the Christmas shows that won't be on again until next year. I didn't seem to have much time to watch them this year, but I did get a chance to watch Ralphie as he tried to coax a Red Rider out of his parents and santa. That's one show I have to see every year, or it just isn't a good holiday season.


Blogger Michelle's Spell said...

Hey Tim,

Happy New Year to you! I agree -- new year's is just another day and I'm kind of relieved to see Christmas go. Truth is, this Christmas wasn't much of one so maybe I'll do something crazy in the middle of the year to make up for it! I hope you're having a great Friday, buddy!

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