Saturday, May 09, 2009

Thirty Years Ago

When I was young I could never have imagined being able to remember things from thirty or forty years in the past. Surely I would be dead long before I reached the age when I would have memories from that far back. Well here I am, still alive, and reminiscing about life that long ago.
I was a different person thirty years ago, and the world was different then too. It was a good time for me. I was out of school then (I'd hated high school with a passion) and with a feeling of freedom like never before. I had a good job, new car, no phobias as of yet, so I often took off on long drives. I went anywhere and did almost anything I wanted. The radio was cranking out awesome new music from Supertramp, Dire Straits and Blondie. My parents were alive and healthy and our family still got together about every Sunday at home. In 1979 girls were on my mind most of the time, especially one who, at the time, hardly knew I existed. I lost all the extra weight I had carried through previous years and was a fit and trim 160 lbs, and with my job being a furniture deliveryman I had put on muscle too. A sequel to Star Wars was in the making. It was probably the best year of my pre-marital life.

In a few short years things would change dramatically, and the promising future I assumed would unfold turned into something more uncertain. Soon my family would change with the loss of my mom, new fears would enter my life, and the world would take on new problems. But also I would soon find someone to change my life in a better way. Someone with whom I'd find new love and start a family and a future of our own. Life changes and moves on and I, like everyone else, have to accept and adapt to changes, but I'll always have my memories to look back on. Thirty years ago, 1979, is logged in my memory as one of the best times of my life.


Blogger Michelle's Spell said...

Hey Tim,

I loved this piece of writing! I feel like that a lot too -- can look back and see some years as really great, even if I didn't know it at the time. I miss the seventies something horrible! Especially the clothes and music and freedom.

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