Saturday, January 30, 2010

When Dad Cooks

I've always considered myself to be fairly handy in the kitchen when it comes to creating meals. I can usually go to the cupboard, scrounge around and find something to throw together that's pretty tasty. At least I think it is. Much like Handyman Tim, Chef Tim doesn't usually follow a recipe or instructions, or maybe uses one and tweaks it a bit. I've turned out some wonderful creations over the years, but don't ask my family to verify that statement. My wife has developed a defensive posture when I cook, so when she works late and calls to see what's for supper and I tell her it's a surprise then she automatically pulls into the nearest fast food place and comes home with something like chicken or hamburger that has an actual name instead of "a can of this with a box of that and some of that stuff that was in the bowl then bake it all until it's good and dead". The kids are getting to be the same way, doggone picky eaters. They just don't enjoy a good Italian Hillbilly Chinese dish like I do. I make great pancakes too, it's one of my personal favorite things to make that the family just doesn't appreciate. If Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben were to... hey wait, are they married? Well nevermind. But anyway they'd have some competition if I ever went public with my recipes. That would mean I'd have to remember what I put in my last casserole and write it down, which would be hard because; A) I like my dishes varied just a little each time, and B) I can't even remember what I wrote two sentences ago, let alone what I made for supper last night.
So if you ever come to visit just drop on in and I'm sure I'll find something to tantalize your taste buds. Trust me.


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