Thursday, April 08, 2010

Murphy's Redneck Law

Whenever I start a project I'm assured of an assortment of nicks, scratches, cuts and bruises before I finish. That's just the way it is. If I happen to be working on my car and I just can't get that bolt loosened and my hand is right next to a sharp edge of a motor mount then Murphy's Law says that the wrench is gonna slip and I should stop and rethink my position. Murphy's Redneck Law says that, yeah the wrench is gonna slip, but I aint gonna give up on it until I leave a chunk of my knuckle on that engine block. This happened to me twice yesterday when I was working on my garden tractor. Yeah twice, but I only count it as once since there was no blood the one time. Down in this neck of the woods we just don't have time to stop and examine every situation to see if there's a safer way to do things, so even though we know it's coming we're gonna plow ahead anyway. Well gotta go, my duct tape-wrapped toilet paper bandage came loose again.


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