Monday, March 13, 2006


Have you ever had a dream where something amazing happens, like, you discover the answer to the mystery of life, or you find treasure and know exactly where it is in real life, or someone tells you where Jimmy Hoffa's buried? I used to have those all the time. Several of them were dreams where there was something totally unheard of - like a new invention or a way of doing things - that was so commonplace in the dream that you wondered why no one had ever thought of it before. But... you always wake up and forget it completely, except to remember that if you could remember you'd change the world. I had a dream last night which woke me up, and when I woke up I was determined to remember it. It was so hard to try to keep it from slipping back into my subconscious , but I made myself stay awake just to remember it. It wasn't an earth-shattering new invention this time, but it was the oddity of it that told me I should remember it. Here's what I remember from it, keep in mind that my dreams seldom make sense or have any continuity. I was in a room of a house with a girl, or woman maybe, and it was nighttime. Really dark except for a light shining in the window. I don't know what we were doing but she was talking and telling me about where we were, and that there were three suns (evidently we weren't on Earth) and she was telling me about them. I was really paying attention to her until she said "That's one of them shining now". The light shining of the wall like a flashlight was indeed a sun. I looked out the window at it. That's when I got really scared and woke up....sort of. Somewhere in there she told me, or I decided to, remember the phrase "Three suns of August". I was half awake then and kept trying to fall asleep, but I knew if I did that I would forget that phrase, so I committed it to memory. Now comes the weird part. When I came down in the morning I typed that phrase into Google. What came up was the title of a book, and....numerous references to a new planet that had been discovered in August of last year, which was in a system made up of three stars. Odd coincidence? You're probably thinking that I saw that somewhere in a magazine, or on tv but I know I didn't. Things like that interest me and I would have remembered had I seen something on it someplace. It was just very strange.

I often wonder about dreams, like, whether they can tell the future or the past. I think that in each person's memory is stored information, passed down from our ancestors.... memories and feelings ingrained into our genes. I wonder if the experiences of our ancestors come out in our dreams once in awhile. Or, for that matter, when people have past-life experiences, could that be the same thing? I don't know, and haven't studied the field of dreams, past-life experiences, and other related phenomena enough to be able to hazard any kind of educated guess on the subject, I'm just rambling on. But I do think that the truth about all this, which we may find out only when we die, will be far more bizarre than anything one person could imagine.


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That is quite interesting, indeed! I think our unconscious contains answers to a lot of things and I would love to see science spend more time/money exploring that...

How very odd that you dreamed that. Have you considered the fact that you are possibly the offspring of an alien? Or have been abducted...? Just kidding... =)

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