Wednesday, March 08, 2006

New House Site

We've been looking at some property and think we're going to make an offer on it. Most of it is on a hill but there is a great place to put a house with a terrific view of the valley and opposite hills... and no traffic, no neighbors nearby, and no noise. The landscape in this part of Ohio is awe - inspiring in places, and this is one of them. Although it's only five acres, the location is worth it. I only hope it hasn't been sold when we get ready to move on it in a week or so. There will be a lot to do to get it ready to build on, but it'll be fun to go there in the summer and work on it. The kids will love it.


Blogger Coloratura said...

Hello Tim. A fellow Buckeye, huh? I only mean that in the vaguest of terms, I have no affiliation with any sports team... but anyway, welcome to blogging, thank you for stopping by and feel free to drop in anytime.

I am curious what part of Ohio you're in... but I do know how beautiful it is in many places. That's something that most people just don't know, huh?

I miss the trees of Ohio. Those glorious, grand old trees, so lush and green in summer, a flaming wonder in the fall... you are lucky to have those nearby.

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