Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I just put in about 20 minutes of exercise... something I haven't done in quite a few months. So far I'm still alive, though my legs are like jelly right now and that might be a heart attack creeping in on me, but I feel good that I've finally started again. The other day I climbed to the top of the hill of the property I'm wanting to buy to try to find the boundary marks. I was huffing and puffing so bad I could barely talk, and the realtor - an older guy probably about 60 - kept talking and walking without stopping to rest at all. That's when I decided that it's time to get in shape and trim away this build-up around my middle. The Christmas cookies and pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving were delicious, but I didn't expect them to still be hanging over my beltline at this time of year. Two years ago I joined a fitness center and got in the best shape I'd been in in years, in just a short amount of time. But, for some reason, it became harder and harder to motivate myself to go each day and within a year I quit going altogether. Now I can't afford to rejoin, and probably the same thing would happen again - I'd be too busy at home to go everyday. So now I'm hoping to watch what I eat and workout a little each day and maybe by summer I can go to the beach and take off my shirt without people yelling things like "Hey, can't you see there are children here! Put your shirt back on!". Of course I could always go to the beach populated by the colorful local inhabitants... in other words, the "redneck beach". I wouldn't feel out of place at all there... except that I don't have an old pickup truck... and I don't drink beer, so they would notice me right away if I didn't sneak in a cooler of Busch. On the other hand I probably would bring a rod and reel and cast in right beside the kidders whilst they was a swimmun. That wouldn't draw any attention at all. Ok, kinda got off the exercise subject but I'm through writing for the night anyway. All those situps have me worn out.


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