Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Well it's been over two weeks since we made an offer on a piece of property and it looks like we're going to be waiting a couple more weeks before we can do anything at all. When we wrote the offer with the realtor we gave the seller two days to respond to it or it would be voided. Two days later the realtor called and said that the gas rights were leased out and so they wouldn't pass to us, which was one of the clauses we put in. A couple days later he called and said it would take another two or three weeks to finish the surveying that had to be done (which should have been done before it was ever put on the market). We haven't heard anything from him since, so I'm not sure if we still have a valid offer or not. The seller must have accepted it since they're having it surveyed, but I'm getting frustrated with the whole thing. Add to that the fact that a house that we looked at last year and both loved is now back on the market and I guess we have a decision to make: keep moving ahead on the property or try for the house. My wife says she wants to go ahead and get the land and build on it, and even though I like that property I really liked the house a lot. Plus it sits on over fifteen acres and the land we bid on is five. So I don't know... guess I'll play the waiting game and see what happens. I think the realtor we're working with wasn't very happy that we decided to bid on the land. He had been sending us emails about houses that - if we bought one - he would make a nice commission on. The land is something that he has to do a little more work with and won't be nearly as profitable for him. He's still sending us new houses that come on the market, probably hoping we'll forget the land and go for something more expensive. It would be nice to cut out the middleman - a.k.a. realtor- and do things person -to- person, but I guess those guys do serve a purpose when it comes to all the legal stuff. Oh well, it's a nice day out so I think I'll go work outside and forget the house hunting for now.


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