Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Go Tribe!

I got to watch the Indians' second game of the season yesterday and they looked great! Everybody got a hit and they trounced the White Sox to make up for their Sunday loss. I hope they have a great season again, only this time I hope they don't leave the fans standing with their mouths open in amazement like they did at the end of last year when they only needed
one win in the last week, to at least tie for the wildcard, and couldn't scrounge up that one win. Not that I'm going to fault them for that... teams can have streaks at any time through the season. In fact, I'm kind of an oddball about placing blame when things like that happen. Let me explain: You always hear about the play toward the end of a game that "cost the team the game"be it an error, or a pitcher making a mistake pitch. But how many times do you hear someone bring up something that happened in the second inning that lead to a run as being the game breaker? I know that toward the end of the game all the intensity and emotion comes into play, but the game should be looked at in it's entirety to be properly judged. I started thinking this way after one of my son's Little League games. His team had a huge lead through the first three innings, then the infield made six errors in one inning, allowing the other team to tie it up. In the last inning for their team my son misplayed a ball hit to him in the outfield and his team lost. All the kids on the team, and even the coach blamed him for losing the game, forgetting about the six errors in the earlier part of the game when they had that big lead. Since then I've come to look at things a little differently when it comes to close games and "almost" seasons. Actually, although I love the Tribe and hope they make it to post-season, I'll be happy just watching them play this year, win or lose. I love the "fun" of the game, not the competition... if that makes any sense.


Blogger Sheryl said...

It makes perfect sense. Of course, I'm a Pirates fan, so I am vaguely familiar with the exercise in futility that is looking forward to the post season.

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