Monday, April 03, 2006

It's the Third

Today is the third of the month..... ask me why that's special... go ahead ask. Why, you ask? Welll I'll tell you why. This is the day the Social Security recipients cash their checks and head to the store to stock up on much needed provisions to see them through the long month until the third of next month. "So what" you say? Well I can tell you aren't in the retail business.... or at least not the grocery business. What that means to those of us lucky enough to be toiling in the lower to middle class section of the country is.... funtime! Shelves of grocery product that get wiped out and needs refilled every few minutes, long lines and short tempers, groups of citizens who only see each other once a month congregating to block an entire aisle while minions of unnoticed clerks try to squeeze past them. Little old ladies who curse you out for always moving what they need so that they can never find it - even though it's been in the same spot since Adam and Eve shopped there. Expensive items that sit on the shelf going out of date all month are suddenly in demand. Cigarettes are sold by the cartload, to be distributed to those family members (teens and pre-teens) who are in dire need of the nicotine sustenance duly entitled to them. A parking lot with all the fire lanes jammed full of cars, parked there by people who ran in "for just a couple of minutes to get a few things" emerging with two dozen sacks in tow. Like I said... funtime!! :)


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