Saturday, April 22, 2006


I sooo need to win the lottery, but it didn't happen tonight. We got a call from the realtor about the land yesterday, saying that the survey had been completed and we could go look at it. The five acres is actually about forty feet narrower than the realtor told us it would be. There is an old house that has fallen in, and he had been told by the other realtor handling the sale that the property included that house. This would have been great because there is a terrific spot right above that house, about halfway up the hill, to build on and overlook the valley and opposite hill. That's what we planned, anyway until we saw the stakes marking the property line. It didn't include that part. I had to walk all the way to the top of the hill to find the last stake because it wasn't visible from below. A five acre strip about 200 feet wide goes a long way up the hill! But it would have been nice to have it in more of a square... that would have encompassed the part of the hill we wanted most. Now we are talking about trying to get another couple of acres to add to it. That's going to cost a lot more, and since we have to pay to have a house built yet it will set those plans back a ways, plus the seller might not even want to sell more land, or if we appear too eager he might jack the price up. I sure do love that spot though! This is a view from the top of the field part - the woods goes another few hundred feet up. You can't really see it well from this, but there is a pond right above the building in the picture. At night the only thing you can hear is the mating call of the frogs coming from that pond.... it's so peaceful and quiet. I would really love to get a few more acres and make this a real homestead....probably after the lottery win. LOL


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