Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I just applied for a new job at a new store opening in our city and I'm a little nervous. The store will be a rival to the one I'm working for now, so if they happen to find out I applied I'll be on the poopy list even more than I am now. On the other hand, would it be more fair to them to tell them I did apply, thereby bringing to the surface some of the things that make me want to leave in the first place? Since nothing will ever change anyway I doubt that would be the right choice. I'd go into some of the things I hate about my job, but since at least one person I work with knows about this blog that may not be a good idea either. Oh well, onward and upward...

The Cleveland Browns are starting out the season... umm.... typically I guess you could say. I don't get into the Browns as much as I do the Indians, but whenever I can I try to keep up on what's going on, and so far that aint much. The Tribe, on the other hand.... well, they were mathematically eliminated for the playoffs a few games ago, not that anyone in the civilized solar system thought there could be a breakdown of the league leaders so bad that the Indians would stumble into the post-season. But they are playing pretty well right now, so it's still an exciting end to the season. We got to see a lot of new young faces in the lineup this year and hopefully a lot of them will be back next year. Unfortunately, we saw a lot of new, young faces in the lineup and I thought that was part of their problem this year... when they started to play poorly they dealt away veteran players to get new blood in the lineup instead of concentrating on the basic problems at hand, like not getting wood on the ball when they were at bat. I'd love to take a turn at being the G.M. because it sure seems like their current one doesn't know much about the game, and is prone to panic when the team gets in a slump.

Ok, I'm sure you all wanted to hear about my take on the Cleveland sports scene. Who knows where my mind and typing fingers will take me next time. Hopefully something more interesting.


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