Sunday, September 24, 2006

Who is That!!??

Here he is! The ferocious feline himself. Jack, the terror of the household. Twenty five pounds of rippling-muscled fury. Guardian of his kingdom. Ok, so maybe he just sits around until someone walks by then begs for food, and maybe that twenty fives pounds is mostly fur and fat, but he's a part of the family and has been for quite awhile. This is one of the first pictures I got on here from the digital camera I got my wife for her birthday.
I was going to take some of myself and put on here, but... The first picture I took something happened and some old guy turned up in the picture. So I tried again and it looked like I was a corpse, lying in state. I thought "what happened to that great looking guy with the dark hair and deep eyes". I tried again and got a terrorist-looking dude. I knew what was wrong, I just needed to flash my super lady-killer smile, so I tried again. Do you remember on Beauty and the Beast - the disney movie- where the beast tries to "flash the debonair smile" and instead looks like he's about to attack a helpless animal? Yep, you got it... I'm not very photogenic. I immediately chided my wife "how could you let me get so ugly"? "You look fine", she said, not looking up from what she was doing. "No I don't.. what happened, I look so..". "Old?" She finished my sentence. "Well did you expect to look like you did twenty years ago?" Actually I don't mind looking older, but I always thought I was ok-looking. I mean, I've had pictures taken in the last few years and I always assumed they had just caught me on a bad-hair day or when I had just got out of bed... all of them. And thinking about it, the ones that didn't look so bad were taken from, like... a football field away. So needless to say I probably won't be putting any pictures of me on here anytime soon.... maybe on Halloween.


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