Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Winter Fun

Winter's fury has finally been unleashed fully here in east central Ohio and I took advantage of it today to go sled riding. I've gone a couple of times the past week or so, but we haven't had nearly the amount of snow that we have now, so I headed out to the country with two kids to have some fun. If you live anywhere in these parts you know that it was nasty yesterday with lots of snow, then freezing rain. This created a thick layer of ice on top of the snow, so that when you walked on it you might go a few steps then your foot breaks through the ice, making it hard to walk up the hill. It also makes for a very fast ride down the hill. My hill is very steep, so you can imagine the speed of a plastic sled on a sheet of ice. All very good and fun until it's time to stop. The first time I went down the path I made last summer especially to go sledding I laid down in the sled and didn't see where I was going. I thought I was about halfway down the hill when a sudden stop sent me shooting off the front of the sled. I had run into the ditch at the bottom of the hill. Collecting my senses and standing up I noticed something I'd overlooked before, when I was making this path. My speedy descent had thrown me slightly off the path and I came within ten feet of smacking into the electric pole at the bottom of the hill. Not something you'd want to do if you had plans to keep on living. So I changed to a different location and went down a couple more times, wiping out spectacularly and getting more scratches and bruises.... I'm thinking maybe I should grow up and act my age and stick to watching the kids have fun......................nahhh.

To Laura and Michelle, thanks for your comments on my last post. I think I'll stick around and keep wasting valuable cyber space. You guys are great, thanks! :)


Blogger Michelle's Spell said...

Hey Tim,

Never stop having fun -- sledding sounds great! I was TOO cold to really go outside yesterday, though. Good grief, it was miserable! Snow day from school, though! :)

9:52 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

You've got more gutts that I do. I spent all of my "snow day" nice and warm inside the house. Also, I'm glad you've decided to continue "wasting valuable cyber space".

3:49 PM  

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