Thursday, June 14, 2007

It Was Grace Jones

For some reason, I don't know if I saw someone who looked like this person or whether I was thinking of something in my head, I couldn't for the life of me think of the name of who it was I was trying to remember. Oh yeah, she played in that one movie called.............. Ok, forget that but she also was in that Eddie Murphy one............... another blank. Today was one of those days. A day where nothing is firing upstairs. I was forgetting things and couldn't concentrate on what I was doing.
They say that Thomas Edison's brain - or was it Einstein's - had more dimples than any other brain anyone had ever seen. More dimples of course means more intelligence, supposedly. Today I was picturing mine being removed and put on display somewhere as the smallest, smoothest human brain ever extracted. Maybe they'd put it next to Edison's for comparison.
"Aww, look at that little one dad. It's as smooth as a bowling ball. And would fit right in the palm of my hand."
"Yep. That brain has a reflective surface Tommy. Just like a mirror. No place for anything to stick to that one."

Anyway, I finally did think of the person I was trying to. Then two minutes later I forgot again. And now I completely forget why I started writing this. Oh well.

My son Nathan - the one who just graduated- had a Boy Scout Board of Review last night. He called me as soon as it was over, his voice shaking so badly he sounded like he was operating a jackhammer, and said "I'm an Eagle Scout now!" He was really excited, even though he knew he'd probably get it. Eagle Scout is the highest rank in Boy Scouts and takes a lot of determination to achieve, so I'm very proud of him!


Blogger Michelle's Spell said...

Hey Tim,

That's cool about Einstein's brain. I'm reading a book write now about how being messy is more conducive to creativity and Einstein is their patron saint! I know what you mean about forgetting -- my memory is not firing on all pistons anymore, that's for certain. Congratulations to Nathan -- Eagle scout is very difficult to get to!

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