Monday, April 07, 2008

Back To Work

Vacation was good for me, even though all I did was work at home. Getting away from my job for those few days helps me to step back and see that there is another side of life where the only demands are the ones I place on myself. I'd love to visit that side more often, and I wondered if that's what it's like being retired, or being independently wealthy, or living off the government. Seeing that my lottery ticket gave me no cause for rejoicing, I'll just have to wait until my next vacation to find those precious moments of freedom, so sparsely disbursed throughout the drudge of the work year. Until then I'll try to remind myself that, when I get too boggged down, there are those days coming again if I can just keep putting one foot in front of the other.


Blogger Michelle's Spell said...

Hey Tim,

I hate going back to work after a break! It seems to bring out the worst depression in me, even though I like my job most of the time. I know what you mean about creating your own schedule, thinking about things, and so on. It's such a luxury not to worry about keeping things going. Hang in there, buddy!

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